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The EPIC ESG Team walks alongside every innovator, partner, partner, and stakeholder to support you as you identify and align values, priorities, and goals with environmental and socially conscious clean energy impact — powering the world for good. 

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What is EPIC ESG?

EPIC ESG is a for-profit-corporate entity that brings clean energy investment to the global marketplace with a constellation of clean energy innovators, values-driven stakeholders, and socially responsible impact partners.

What does EPIC ESG do?

EPIC ESG operates as a clean energy commons that brings exceptional clean energy innovation opportunities to the global marketplace with a dynamic network of sector-leading advisors, partners, and stakeholders. 

Where is EPIC ESG?

Corporate offices in Princeton, NJ USA and St. Thomas US VIrgin Islands anchor EPIC ESG’s work with partners in the United States and around the world with current and expanding projects in 10 countries on 6 continents. 

Is EPIC ESG a financial investment firm?

No. EPIC ESG does not provide and is not licensed to investment services or operate as an investment firm. You can find more information in the EPIC ESG disclaimer and disclosure section of the website.

Does EPIC ESG provide financial advice?

No. EPIC ESG does not provide and is not licensed to investment services or operate as an investment firm. You can find more information in the EPIC ESG disclaimer and disclosure section of the website.

Is EPIC ESG a nonprofit organization?
No. EPIC ESG is a for-profit impact company. EPIC ESG works to provide abundant project rewards that serve the dreams of the communities we serve. 
EPIC ESG chooses collaboration with exemplary impact partners who know the people and the opportunities for good in their part of the world. 
Every EPIC ESG project honors ESG standards that cascade benefits into the lives, businesses, economies, and our shared planet.
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