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Who we are

EPIC ESG – Our Mission & Vision


To mitigate climate change, combat global food shortages and save precious water resources by creating sustainable carbon sequestering products.

 EPIC ESG — Powering the World for Good.


  • To become the global leader in Biochar manufacturing while ensuring sustainability of critical agricultural sectors.
  • To increase the awareness of Biochar and its planet saving benefits for agriculture and beyond.

What We Do

Pillars of Business Development

Supply Chain

Vertically Integrated Supply Chain


Global innovations in Seed Cultivation and Pyrolysis


Modular and Replicable Ecosystem


Co-location with other environmental innovations


Creating a clean, green, eco-powered planet.

EPIC ESG is pioneering the way forward to a clean, affordable, renewable energy future through a curated array of cutting-edge technology projects around the world. From recycled green energy generation, transitional power sourcing, and renewable wind, solar, and hydro energies to organic agricultural initiatives, hydroponics, and clean water solutions, and green energy workforce education — EPIC ESG innovation is driving new opportunities to align vision and values-driven commitment with socially responsible impact — powering the world for good.


Aligning values and investment with epic returns.

EPIC ESG stakeholders bring projects to life through their vibrant array of curiosities, vision, expertise, collaboration, wisdom, and resources. EPIC ESG’s dynamic constellations of values-driven stakeholders discover opportunities to explore, inform, and support clean energy projects around the globe. EPIC ESG’s uncanny ability to anticipate and bring together absolutely brilliant constellations of sector-leading innovators, developers, governments, NGOs — invite stakeholders as co-designers of evergreen opportunities to transform people and the planet — powering the world for good.


Seizing every moment for the highest good. 

EPIC ESG measures return in values-driven and benchmarked successes. The return of healthy oceans and abundant waterways and thriving sustainable agriculture and green businesses. Abundant access to affordable green energy sources for housing and industry and thriving green economies with accessible training and education initiatives that will help the workforce transition to green energy skills and leadership. 

And always — EPIC ESG aligns innovation and investment to social and humanitarian impact projects in housing, social justice and responsibility, equitable distribution of benefits, and development of new leaders from often marginalized populations. EPIC ESG stakeholders are building a world where values-driven stakeholders can “seize their moment” to create their epic legacy of a sustainable, equitable, abundant future for our shared planet — powering the world for good.


EPIC ESG projects and partners bring clean energy innovation and socially conscious impact through an expanding constellation of clean energy projects spanning the globe.

Click a project site or continent to explore this global snapshot of active and emerging EPIC ESG projects.  


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EPIC ESG’s expanding global project footprint is transforming communities, economies, and the planet — guided by Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards.

Continents Directly Impacted by EPIC ESG Projects


Commitment to (ESG) Environmental, Social, and Governance Standards

EPIC ESG Project Total Valuation (US$ millions)

Countries Benefiting from Current EPIC ESG Impact Projects


EPIC ESG measures success in the stories of people, communities, economies, and the wellbeing of our planet.


Take a few moments to explore a few epic stories.

Innovators who speak about the ways innovation, creativity, and commitment aligned in their lives to spark remarkable clean energy solutions. Stakeholders whose values and legacy dreams are shaping their decisions for their future and the future of their children. And a constellation of EPIC ESG projects themselves creating ripples of impacts for individuals, communities, economies, and our planet home as they steward the resources of our shared planet — powering the world for good.

Click an image to explore a few EPIC ESG stories — or tell your own!


EPIC ESG’s expanding global project footprint is transforming communities, economies, and the planet — guided by Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards.
Q2 2023
ATC Greenhouses

Vision: use Greenhouses to grow fresh, pesticide free, sustainable produce for families to enjoy

Join EPIC ESG to discover how...

Greenhouse growing creates efficiencies and larger harvest percentages reducing reliance on foreign supply chains and importing fresh produce from Canada or Mexico

Q2 2023
Biochar Production Facility

Vision: manufacture Biochar using an innovative closed loop ecosystem that helps sequester carbon monoxide

Learn about how Biochar works...

by reducing agricultural dependence on pesticides and fungicides during production

Q3 2023
EPIC ESG Solar Manufacturer and Recycling

Vision: become the first facility in the US to leverage smart technology to build a carbon neutral, entirely US-based solar panel manufacturing and recycling system 

How Solar and Recycling will change the world...

This facility is expected to produce 200 MW of solar panels annually to increase renewable energy supply

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