The global reset has established a new aligning of innovation, investment, and impact that is changing the world for good. EPIC ESG stands at the center of clean, green, energy innovation that is aligning the best of technology with the highest values of individuals, communities, the environment, and our planet home.

This “Grand Alignment” of resources, resolve, and impact is fueling sustainable, renewable innovation and accelerating an unprecedented environmental and socially conscious awakening further energized governmental and public/private cooperation and support. 

EPIC ESG is at the forefront with these South Korean partnerships and stakeholders in a collaborative project that is building Renewable Cogeneration Power Plant building and operating 4 Renewable Energy Power Plants located outside the city of Seoul, Korea. 

The initial phase will deploy 9 recyclable fuel production machines that convert plastic to energy, later to be scaled up to 50. The machines and the conversion process are referred to as “Plastic to Energy” or “P2E.” This state-of-the-art, verified technology will convert recycled plastic waste into renewable diesel fuel, which in turn will be used to power 28 generators producing up to 250 Megawatts of renewable electricity to augment the electrical grid in and around Seoul, Korea.

The electrical generation turbines will be driven by recyclable diesel fuel produced through proprietary processing technology. The facilities will process approximately 2,500 tons of waste plastic daily to generate, transmit, and sell 250 Megawatts of electricity into the Korean Power Exchange under a long-term take-or-pay, Power Purchase Agreement. Expanding need and rising market for recycling, pyrolysis, and incineration technologies align ability to reduce ocean waste while creating clean energy for the region. 

Current projects currently active in this space have large-scale facilities, each requiring up to 100,000 square feet of space and approximately $100 million in capital investment for one plant. Typically, these massive plants process approximately 100 tons per day of waste plastic. EPIC ESG technologies are able to process roughly the same tonnage of waste plastic in 7,500 square feet using three of its machines at a much much lower cost.

From green energy innovation, transitional power sourcing, and renewable energies to organic agricultural initiatives, clean water solutions, and ecological education — EPIC ESG partners and stakeholders are experiencing new opportunities to align vision and values-driven confidence with robust impact.

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