“Come on home.”

One of the most comforting phrases in the world.

EPIC ESG scans the globe for clean energy projects with both capacity and an aligned constellation of exceptional attributes capable of generating environmental, social, and economic benefits while fiercely adhering to ESG standards and practices. 

As economic centers continue a shift from the Atlantic Basin to the Pacific Rim EPIC ESG attention became focused upon clean energy innovation in South-Central Chile. Often described as a “European democracy accidentally located in South America,” the Republic of Chile is rated one of the world’s top destinations for high-performing assets located in safe, stable jurisdictions.

Chile’s legal and regulatory basis affords stakeholders rights and protections equal to, and in many cases more beneficial than the US and the EU. Its stakeholder-friendly government, population under 20 million, and border resources of more than half of the planet’s copper reserves and 50% of the global lithium supply provide a strategic resource buffer against currency risk.

While the EPIC ESG Clean Energy Chile Project contributes to new environmental restoration and a vibrant clean energy economy for residents and businesses in South Central Chile it will also further achieve Chile’s national initiative to achieve carbon-neutral goals by 2050 while achieving sustainable stewardship of environmental resources, new economies, and social equity.

Focused projects that generate environmental and social benefits through innovation and values-driven stakeholders. Could this be a first principle that guides us toward the lives, the people, the work, and the planet we wish to call home?

Alongside financial, clean energy, bridge-energy, environmental, and social innovators and strategists — each committed to EPIC ESG’s guiding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) first principles EPIC ESG is continuing to “come home” to a world that is preparing for the future — and welcoming stakeholders in the process.

Though each EPIC ESG project is unique — whether in the United States or in countries around the globe — every EPIC ESG project multiplies the resources, insight, expertise, and energy of those who wish to “return forward” to the best of all homes.

Together we renew the environment, restore dignity to communities and their economies, and yield a meaningful return of satisfaction as stakeholders invest time and attention and expertise, and resources to the future that can be. EPIC ESG celebrates coming home to all who recognize the future — and choose to become part of building it.

If you are ready to “Come on home.” check in with an EPIC ESG team member. There is some great work ahead and the door is always open.

EPIC ESG — powering the world for good.