Even on our best days,  a horizon can be hidden. And yet it is there. Always. 

For many, we are experiencing a new capacity for horizon vision — finding the horizon and then seeing beyond it. 

Is it possible that dynamic shifts of the century are equipping us as “horizoneers?”

EPIC ESG has partnered with a remarkable group of stakeholder horizoneers through its collaboration with BlackIsGreen. This pioneering, horizoneering project will bring renewable energy and cleantech technologies, services, products, and equipment to the 107 Historic Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) via a program named HBCU Renew! 

An integral element of BlackOnGreen’s HBCU Renew! initiative will be the development and implementation of an educational curriculum centered on renewable energy and cleantech technologies that, in association with the renewable energy/cleantech projects carried out at the schools, will allow for students to be presented with an educational path, including actively working on and managing the subject renewable energy/cleantech projects at their schools, that will fully prepare them for high-level and professional managerial and technical careers in the new circular economy.

BlackOnGreen, in association with both individual HBCUs and with private commercial partners, will develop a number of African American centric commercial verticals, said verticals to include renewable energy/cleantech project development in the regions surrounding each HBCU campus as well as in historically environmentally disadvantaged US African American communities.

The project embraces a First Principle of “Great Chain of Being” that looks to the past for humanity’s origins in Africa and looks to the future to convey this great course of events forward with the creation of an African American legacy in creating and participating as full and equitable creators, players, and participants in the new green economy.

Could this be the very generation that is being gifted with seeing beyond — seeing the varied futures we may inherit?

EPIC ESG continues a great work of building a future that intuitively and selectively embraces talent, technology, and innovation to restore ecological, economic, and social wellbeing to the industries, investment, and our planet our children will inherit. 

Are we able to take the moments of reflection and intention to seek out the horizons we desire? Can we rediscover the horizons that set the collaborative power of intention, innovation, and investment to transform our health, our economies, our environment, and the future of our children and their planet — for good?

What do you say?

EPIC ESG — powering the world for good.