From green energy innovation, transitional power sourcing, and renewable energies to organic and hydroponic agricultural initiatives, clean water solutions, and ecological and economic education initiatives — EPIC ESG partners, collaborators, and investors in south-central Chile — powering the world for good.

EPIC ESG continues to work with thought leaders and innovation in energy and agricultural sectors to more fully understand the spectrum of green — and to envision every shade of it in this remarkable nation. In partnership with Talcahuano GNLT, EPIC ESG is part of innovation technology with the building of a maritime terminal at the Talcahuano that will be a leading-edge, medium-scale, 100% regional energy-bridge project located on the Bay of Concepción, Chile.

Engaging eco-friendly innovation and technologies the project will return natural gas to South Central Chile as an economical alternative to existing high carbon energy sources currently in use. The terminal project is the first stage of a multi-stage approach that will help restore Chile’s air and waters while building new agriculture, micro-business, and equitable economies as part of Chile’s commitment to becoming carbon-neutral by 2050.

The first phase establishes a clean energy footprint through new, carbon-neutral technologies designed to restore the bridge-energy use of natural gas for use throughout existing delivery systems across the region.

Subsequent stages are designed to support both existing and future green technologies — including wind and solar, green hydrogen as well as regional green economies and businesses as part a commitment to become a world-leading, carbon-neutral nation by 2050.

When innovation, investment, impact are brought together to re-imagine ways to harness green energies within agricultural traditional sectors we witness new shades of GREEN.

Next time you think you would like to explore the next shades of green — from emerald to seaweed harvesting — check-in with EPIC ESG to learn more about Talcahuano. It would be great to be your guide!

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