The glistening coastline of South Central Chile offers a stunning awareness of the power and wisdom of transition. 

As the heaving seas of the great Pacific greet the verdant mountains and highlands of the continent, they meet upon the common ground of the sanded shore. Neither fully sea nor fully land — the shoreline becomes the space in between. It can be thought of a liminal space — the space of in between — the space of transition. 

Upon these stunning shores — for a thousand thousand of years sea and  mountain have made a peace on the sparkling transition spaces that trace the continent. 

The same ocean that casts rain filled storms for renewal and clouds for shadow and protection toward the mountains also receives the returning rivers and streams flowing from the peaks. In a great buffering rhythm, ocean and land experience the liminal place of exchange.  With fortitude and perseverance the two exchange their gifts in the transition. It is in this in-between — the transition — we witness great power and wisdom of the coastal reaches. 

Chile has set a goal a transition goal of moving from fossil fuel resources toward an energy future committed to an increasing embrace of emerging waves of clean, green energy resources needed to nourish and sustain her people, her economies, and the planet. 

Modeling this wisdom power the Chilean government and people are embracing transition energies that are bridging between fossil fuel and next generation clean energies. Chile is setting itself upon the course of transition – an ordered, progressive exchange that benefits both. 

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